Club Med Cancun

I have been wanting to write this post for a long time!  It’s been already over a month since we’ve been back from our beautiful trip to Cancun, Mexico. My husband and I have been talking for quite some time about taking a trip with our girls. To a new destination. Nevertheless to say that we are very spoiled with living in California and having Jamison’s family on the East coast and my family in France. Our vacations have always been full of fun.

This trip we wanted to do a destination where we haven’t been before. We both wanted to go somewhere beautiful and warm with a little culture as we love the beach and the sea but we also like some sightseeing.

We figured the beginning of December was the perfect time for us. The prices were great! Most importantly we wanted our two daughters, that are 2 and 4, to be able to experience a Christmas at home with all the traditions.

The Bahamas were my first choice but I wanted to keep the traveling as short as possible having in mind we were traveling with our two princesses.

As we were trying to decide on our destination, I had remembered my mother loving her experiences at Club Med. Last Summer she had brought the girls and I to spend the day at Club Med Opio in Provence. Club Med is an all-inclusive resorts group with all sorts of activities planned throughout each day! I was quickly intrigued by their concept.

As we were discussing our trip we noticed there was a Club Med in Cancun Mexico and they even had a Mini Club for the kids!!

This sold us right away! And sure enough the kids loved the Mini Club. The girls spent the days with kids their own age: playing, swimming, singing, making art, being introduced to new sports, tennis, trapeze, archery for the oldest one… and even nap time for our little Vivienne. Everyday they would have a theme planned: superheroes party, festival, frozen, pirates and treasure hunt, princesses and more. The whole team was so caring with our girls.

Meanwhile, we were able to attend our own activities yoga, aqua gym, steps class, tennis, paddle boarding, snorkeling, trapeze, dance class, sunbathing and more guilt free!

We were even able to do some sightseeing without the kids because let’s be honest which 2 and 4 years old like sightseeing?

In the evening we were able to enjoy our dinner and some entertainment while the girls were having fun at the Mini Club watching a show or a movie or dancing!

What a beautiful trip we had. We are ready to go back to Club Med!! We already have a few destinations in mind!!! Merci Club Med!!

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