Silk Dreams

I love my silk pillowcases!! My husband and I have been sleeping on silk pillowcases for over a year now. Honestly when we switched our cotton pillowcases for silk ones instantly it made made us feel pampered. Then I started noticing differences. The first thing I noticed was how my hair were getting more shiny … Continue reading Silk Dreams

LASIK Eye Surgery

A week ago I decided to get LASIK eye surgery. As much as I was excited by being able to see again without contact lenses or glasses I cannot tell you how nervous I was. So many thoughts and questions were going through my mind. I was lucky to have a friend who works in … Continue reading LASIK Eye Surgery

Lemon Drop

I got it from my mama!! My mom introduced me years ago to the Mavala Mini Color nail polishes. I love how the golden cap bottles are small and affordable. The collection offers so many colors that I always feel I can pick more than one without breaking the bank! My new favorite right now … Continue reading Lemon Drop

Because You’re Worth It

Every year during the Festival of Cannes, the Croisette completely transforms. Lots of companies will take over the beaches and restaurants to promote their products and services. This year for the first time L'Oréal Paris settled up on the Martinez beach with a talk show "The Worth It Show" focusing on women's empowerment. Next to … Continue reading Because You’re Worth It