Silk Dreams

I love my silk pillowcases!!

My husband and I have been sleeping on silk pillowcases for over a year now. Honestly when we switched our cotton pillowcases for silk ones instantly it made made us feel pampered. Then I started noticing differences.

The first thing I noticed was how my hair were getting more shiny and I wasn’t getting frizzy hair and split ends as much.

Another difference was a healthier skin. I have been waking without any sleep creases and most of all I have felt my skin more hydrated without switching my products or using more.

One aspect that also really seduced me was that silk is hypoallergenic.

I am so sensitive to the seasons changes and I would be getting bad allergies usually but I have seen a difference.

As heat regulatory, these pillowcases have been perfect to keep me cool in summer and warm in winter.

The importance is to buy 100% 19 Momme Mulberry Silk.

My next splurge is to invest in sheets for us to feel pampered head to toes!!!

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