LASIK Eye Surgery

A week ago I decided to get LASIK eye surgery. As much as I was excited by being able to see again without contact lenses or glasses I cannot tell you how nervous I was. So many thoughts and questions were going through my mind. I was lucky to have a friend who works in the eye surgery field recommending me to a doctor.

I went to LA Sight and met with Dr. Wallace and Dr. Tabanfar. The whole staff was really professional and nice and I felt safe. I am so thankful for meeting the right people that have allowed me to go through the whole process smoothly.

The surgery process lasted for 1 h 30 min but the surgery itself was less then 15 minutes. When it started I was very nervous but the team was very reassuring and guide me through it all. In no time it was all over and I was able to SEE!!

My husband and my friends were also a big part of the success of my surgery as they were present to watch over my girls and to drop me off and pick me up. I feel very lucky!

It means so much to me as I have been dependent on my contact lenses for more that 20 years. Such a privilege! I am so grateful!




2 thoughts on “LASIK Eye Surgery

  1. Thank you Soo Min! The first and last images are my recent pictures from last week aka 1 week post op! It’s anazing how clear I see and fast I healed! Are you thinking of doing it for yourself?


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