Starting Preschool


2018 was another first for our family! My little girl Giselle started preschool! Before she did I had so many questions and anticipation. I needed to make sure we were picking the right place for her. I couldn’t have made it possible without the help of my fellow moms!! 

I was sure that Giselle’s first week at Preschool was going to be so easy for her. Nevertheless I was wrong.

Giselle had a pretty hard time and I was devastated as a mom seeing my baby so upset. The other mothers at the school were very nice and right away reassured me. The teacher and the assistant teacher were very sweet yet attentive towards Giselle and they made her feel safe. Then I knew that I had picked the right place for my daughter to learn.

Today Giselle is the first one ready at the door in the morning. She gets excited to put in her shoes and always tells me when she has her backpack on and is ready to go! I couldn’t be prouder. Giselle has improved so much. She was always a happy little girl but now she seems very content.


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